Thank you all for great support

4 June, 2009
Hedvig, my oldest daughter, runs with me through the goal in Stockholm Marathon.

Hedvig, my oldest daughter, runs with me through the goal in Stockholm Marathon.


Today it´s five days since I run my first marathon. I promised to give you a litter more detailed report of the run and here it comes.

But first I would like to thank all people that supported and greeted me. My wife and my three children were waiting along the race and cheered me two times during the race and at the finish at Stockholm Stadion. They showed great endurance in waiting for me along the raoad, and their smiling faces filled me with new energy every time I passed by. Also my oldest brother and my yongest brother-in-law came to see me, which made me happy.

As I´ve told I live streamed reports during the race and this was widely acclaimed among my colleagues at Svenska Dagbladet and other people that follow me on the net. I used Bambuser with a Nokia N95 with standard headset cable attached to my t-shirt, with you can see at the image above. In the beginning there was no problem reporting this way since the pace was quite slow. But at the end when I was really tired I felt that even small reports drained me from energy.

Here you can see my times during the race:

Distans Totaltid Sträcktid Min/km Plac
5 km 0.33.44 33.44 6.44/km 10158
10 km 1.05.27 31.43 6.20/km 9651
15 km 1.36.58 31.30 6.18/km 9214
20 km 2.08.00 31.02 6.12/km 8860
Halvmaraton 2.14.26 6.25 5.50/km 8645
25 km 2.37.42 23.16 5.58/km 8185
30 km 3.09.06 31.24 6.16/km 7686
35 km 3.42.30 33.23 6.40/km 7259
40 km 4.16.28 33.58 6.47/km 7031
Mål 4.29.54 13.25 6.07/km 6938

As you can see I kept a quite even pace throughout the race. My half marathon time is almost exactly half of the full time. I tried to keep my own pace and only in the beginning I had some problem to know what was the right pace for me. As you can se above, between 21 and 25 km I run at my fastest pace. At that time I was running on the second lap at Djurgården, a part of the track that was longer than I expected, so that was mentally a tough part of the course. Until then everything had went on very fast. There was lot of people along the cource to look at the marathon and there was a great atmosphere along the race. 

But after 30 km everything felt much worse. I was really tired and started to think abouth wether I would fulfill the race. I slowed down the pace and tried to do km for km. It was a hot and sunny day, about 28°C and I had to drink a lot. At this time, my goal of 4,30 started to fade away. Then on the last 2 km my brother-in-law met me and run along with me, wow what a boost. And then at the last curve my daughter run along with me over the finishing line. With her help I could put on a spurt to finish six seconds below 4,30.

Still I haven´t decided wether to run another marathon. If so I need to exercise much more before, because I would like to, and I think I have the capacity of, beating my time from this year: 4,29.54.



4.29.54 – It’s over!

30 May, 2009

Now I have finished my first marathon! The time was a little more than I expected, but 4.29.54 it’s all right. I am so satisfied.

Thank you all my family and friends for support during the race. A longer report will be posted tomorrow.

The day before

29 May, 2009


Kevin Wilhelmsen and I at Östermalms IP, just after we have recieced our start numbers.

Kevin Wilhelmsen and I at Östermalms IP, just after we have recieced our number bibs.

One day left: Today our Danish friends, Kevin Wilhelmsen, and his family arrived to Stockholm. I am happy to spend this day and the hours before the race together with an experienced runner. Hes goal is to run at 3,40, so we won´t be able to run together tomorrow.

This evening we received our number bibs and I bought a cap, unfortunately black. But it will be about 23° tomorrow so I need one.

If you like to follow my run, pease visit:, where I will broadcast reports from during the race. Wish me good luck!

Last running session before the race

27 May, 2009

Three days left: Today I did my last running session before the Stockholm Marathon on saturday. This was also my first jogging in my new shoes. They were very comfortable. Also today I run with my Nike+ Sportband again. I had lost my sensor, but yesterday I bought a new one at an Apple dealer here in Stockholm.

So now my training season is finished. Here is what I have completed since I started back in december.

  • Cycling: 1040 km
  • Running: 493,7 km

Saturday will be my examination. Yesterday my colleague told me he had run Stockholm Marathon at 4:24. So my goal now is 4:23.

New shoes at last

25 May, 2009

Old vs new. You can see the hole where the upper part meets the sole at the old one.



Old vs new. You can see the hole where the upper part meets the sole at the old one.

Five days left: I was in doubt for a long time wether to by new shoes or not. To by new ones to close to the race was out of my mind until I asked a question at the runners forum at Most of the experienced runners told me that a few sessions was enough to get used to new shoes. Yet I hesitated and in the weekend I suddenly realised a hole in my about two years old pair of shoes. Then there was an immediate need for buying new ones.

Today I found a pair of Nike Air Zoom Vomero +3 at a reduced price. Now they are mine and I’m wearing them right now when writing. They are very comfortable and on Wednesday I will run about 10 km to find out if they will fit for the marathon.

I’m losing my weight

24 May, 2009

Six days left: One of my goals when i started this marathon-project was to get rid of some extra kilos. I realised that during such a long run I would gain a lot not having to transport more weight than necessary. I started in january at 92 kg (BMI 26,5) and today my weight is 85 kg (BMI 24,5).

Seven kg less of me must give me some extra energy for running at saturday. Today I found a calculator that tells me I will gain 315 kcal from this weight loss. 315 kcal is as much energy as 1,5 Maxim energy bar. I am not a physician to really understand how this will gain me in the end. Lets se on saturday.

If you like to know more about the discussion about energy spending while running, here’s a forum thread from


One week until Stockholm Marathon

23 May, 2009

Today I have been training for about 25 weeks, and there is only one week left until the race. Wow! I feel comfortable with that but I haven’t finished yet. My plan for the coming week is to bike to and from job most of the days and run about 10 km at Wednesday. Thursday and Friday I will rest my legs.

I’ve also decided to stream reports from the run via bambuser, which I will do as a part of the Marathon-project at Read more about it here (unfortunately only in Swedish).

Summary of my training this week (May 18-24):

  • Biking: 3 x 2 x 10 = 60 km
  • Running: 23/5, 12,22 km.

A big challenge this week is that I need to by new shoes, and I can’t do it until Tuesday. I will run and walk with them as much as I can but if the don´t feel smooth enough I have to use my old ones. Recently I discovered a hole close to the sole, so I really hope they can survive 42 km.

3/4 of a Marathon

17 May, 2009

Today I run 30,64 km. That was my first training session at that distance. I run mostly on tracks that were new for me so from time to time I felt uncertain about the way but over all I was feeling all right. Now I know I will be able to fulfill the marathon, but I have realised that the last part will be really painful.

This weeks summary:

  • Biking: 3 x 2 x 10 + 10 = 70 km
  • Running: Wed 13/5 12,2 km, Sun 17/5 30,64 km.

None of the last running sessions were mesaured with my Nikeplus since I the chip on the shoe has fallen off and I don´t know where.

Summary week 4-10 May

10 May, 2009
  • Cycling: 4 x 2 x 10 = 80 km
  • Running: Tu 5/5 8,4 km, Sat 9/5 12,33 km

I´m thinking of byuing new shoes for my marathon. But I hesitated since I thought it will be to late. Today I get some good answers from more experienced runners at the runners forum at (unfortunately only in Swedish). Almost all of the answers tell that it won´t be any problem. I will be able to get used to new shoes in the time remaining until start.

Steady growth – april summary

6 May, 2009



Above, you can see my running development. In April I run 146,2 km. May won´t beat that because I need some rest the week before the marathon, which is the 30 May.
Summary last week:
  • Running: Sun 1/5, 24,56 km
  • Cycling: 3 x 2 x 10 = 60 km